Does Your Man Need Help with His Bucks Night? You'll Want to Read This..

Ladies, is your soon-to-be husband planning a bucks night? You might be concerned that if left to his own devices, the bucks night will simply become an exercise in alcohol consumption (possibly with strippers). OK, so a bit of drinking is to be expected and it's a fun, almost classic idea (and more about that shortly), but a bucks night can be so much more. If your man is stuck for ideas when it comes to best way to bid a fond farewell to single life, then you might want to suggest a few of these truly awesome bucks party ideas.

The Pub Crawl

This is hardly original when it comes to a bucks party, but it works. And as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The trick is to keep things fairly organised. A bucks party bus hire can get your soon-to-be husband and his guests safely from one venue to another, and ideally they can even get everyone home safely. Yes, there will be excessive consumption of alcohol, but by hiring a bus, everyone will stay together and the evening can stick to a schedule.


The bucks event could take on a competitive element. This can be a refreshing alternative to the pub crawl (or could even be coupled with one). Your man and his friends divide into teams, and simply hunt each other down. Paintballing is fun at the best of times, but it's such an eventful occasion that it makes for an excellent bucks party idea.


If a pub crawl feels like it might be too hectic, then why not isolate the party? A night of camping in the good old Aussie bush can be fantastic for a bucks night. It will be a night of male bonding under the stars within safe limits. Your man and his friends can enjoy a beer or two (or three or fourteen), while capturing that school trip vibe. It's different to a pub crawl in that everyone can quite literally crawl to their tent and fall asleep when they're done for the night.

Art Class

Is anyone in the bucks party group insisting on nudity as part of the entertainment? In another type of school flashback, why not send your soon-to-be husband and his friends to an art class? It can even be a life drawing class! There is something playful and delightfully silly about a group of people attempting to paint or draw a bowl of fruit… or whatever. It's a fun idea and can be a great choice when not everybody is into the idea of a pub crawl or something equally vigorous.

So if your soon-to-be husband is stuck for ideas when it comes to his bucks night, he will certainly appreciate your suggestions… even if you end up sending him to an art class!