5 Iconic Features to Consider When Looking at Pubs for Sale

If you're looking for a pub for sale, you may end up looking at countless pubs. During your search, you may want to keep an eye out for some iconic features. The following traditional pub features may be options to consider:

1. Fireplace

Pub culture isn't just about showing up for a drink and then leaving. It's about creating a place where the community can get together, share stories, debate the news of the day and enjoy themselves. A fireplace definitely sets that tone.

Additionally, if you're looking at pubs that are relatively old, an original fireplace helps to make the space look more authentic. Ask the real estate agent or the owner if the fireplace is functional and when it was last cleaned so you know what to expect if you buy that pub.

2. Bookshelves

Bookshelves also help to create a cozy atmosphere in an old pub, and they lend a comfortable feel in a modern pub as well. You can choose your favorite books to line the shelves or ask the current owners to leave their collection.

If you like, you may even want to encourage a book exchange with your customers. When they come in for a drink, they can grab a book and leave another one.

3. Flooring

The right flooring helps bring a pub together. Consider looking for a pub for sale with original wood flooring, iconic black-and-white tiles or other traditional designs. To create an old-world vibe, you may even want to opt for polished concrete with sawdust on the floor.

4. Staircase

A beautiful staircase in the middle of the pub floor adds a decorative element that can also be useful. If the pub has an upstairs, that gives you the ability to create different areas for dancing, dining, drinking or other activities. A sweeping staircase with a wooden baluster also lends a sense of elegance to a place, especially when it's time to decorate for holidays.

5. Apartment

When looking at pubs for sale, you may also want to look for pubs with built-in flats on the top floor or connected to the pub. You and your family can live in those spaces, or you can use that area to house management level staff. Free housing can be an especially effective perk in areas with a high cost of living. Alternatively, you can rent out the space to lodgers and foray into the bed-and-breakfast industry as well as the pub industry.